Salone Diaries

Black Lives matter paint murals in Staten Island NYC-Alpha Kamara New York University 2020

Food distribution to vulnerable communities during #Covid19 in New York.

Black beauty rules the world-By Alpha Kamara NYU News Doc. May, 2020

Sierra Leone Prison riot leaves over a dozen dead Alpha Kamara NYU

Sierra Leone’s COVID19 dicatorship Alpha Kamara NYU

French doctors criticised for COVID19 vaccine test suggestion for Africa-AK NYU-10/04/2020

Friday 4 future talks about their strike for climate in Sierra Leone

NYU Students talks about online classes- Alpha Kamara-NYU Masters student

How cordial is the relationship between African migrants and African Americans in New York?

Using music to promote non violence on the streets of New York-Alpha Kamara

New York City-the city that never sleeps hit by #COVID19-By Alpha Kamara New York University 032020

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