Mountain Waves Blog is a Sierra Leone online news network that is created to investigate, report and publish news of human rights and justice from an unbiased point of view. The initiate was born out of Alpha Kamara’s experience reading for a Masters’s degree in journalism at New York University. But his experience especially working with the Teaching and Learning with Technology unit where we interned as a student worker helping the team with tasks around teaching students and other staff members online. 

The network makes use of local journalists stationed at the community level. It gives prominence to stories of human interest with a clear focus on empowerment and justice. The network also works with freelance journalists and activists to amplify issues of human rights, governance, justice and the rule of law. Mountain Waves Blog also covers international news from other countries in Africa and elsewhere abroad. We also cover events and activities of Sierra Leoneans living abroad.  

The platform also serves as a space to teach young African journalists the concept of blogging, audio visual news production and how they can use social media to amplify local issues to a global stage. The site also international news concept to help colleagues see the realities abroad to tap into that knowledge to transform their behavior and thinking. 


Mission and Vision

Mountain Waves Blog looks at news from a professional, neutral and unbiased level. It also looks at news not just like an event, but a process where facts can be checked and followed up on to clarify inaccuracies. 

Just like sea waves hit the mountain, the news frequency of Mountain Waves Blog is strong and reliable to create an unbiased connection of facts and truth to inform the audience using the bottom-top approach. 



If there’s a will, there’s a wave



Produce news with a fact-checking lens

Write news for the masses but mostly the vulnerable

Produce news with a strong human rights focus

Publish news that is simple and quick to read and understand



Mountain Waves Blog is funded by a group of African journalists who work with volunteers that believe in highlighting issues of human rights, justice and the rule of law. We are also open to collaborating with other agencies that promote peace, justice, human rights, the rule of law and equality.  


Our commitment

We ask critical questions to especially the vulnerable and officials to find answers that are not ordinarily seen. Our commitment is to put the voices of the vulnerable on top to reach the public. Whatever concerns the ordinary man and woman concerns us because we are part of the community.

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