Civil Society calls Minister Leema’s statement of crushing people reckless.

Lawrence Leema, Sierra Leone's deputy internal affairs minister who has been making several comments.

“Anyone who wants to disturb the peace of the country will be crushed.” Leema

By Alpha Kamara

WASHINGTON D.C. A civil Society representative has condemned Sierra Leone’s Deputy Internal Affairs Minister Lahai Lawrence Leema for threatening to crush civilians as the nation heads to a crucial election. On live TV during a debate with an opposition official, The Minister who controls the police and other armed government forces said, “Anyone who tries to disturb the peace of the country during the election, will be crushed.” He said. His statement was viewed by the opposition and other civilians an intimidation especially when its coming from him.

In response, civil society activist Abdul Fatorma referred to the minister’s statement as reckless and has a potential to create chaos.

“Lawrence Leema’s statement is reckless in whatever context he meant. How do you threaten to crush people whose taxes are used to pay the forces, he asked? If we were living in a serious country, he should have been sacked or forced to resign”, Fatorma added.

Mr. Fatorma further discussed the implication of the statement coming from the minister as the country moves to election in less than four months. He also called on government and opposition members to promote peace in all their statements.

It could be recalled that Lahai Lawrence Leema, under his stewardship as Deputy Internal Affairs Minister, the police and military has killed scores of innocent civilians in various parts of the country for protesting the high cost of living and government excesses.

A report seen by Mountain Waves News says over 100 civilians have been killed in various parts of the country but mostly in opposition strongholds since the current government took over the country in 2018. No one has been held accountable.

Lawrence Leema, a former military officer has also made several comments in the past that are connected to those killings.

Civil Society calls Minister Leema’s statement of crushing people reckless.
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