Rapstar LAJ accuse the police and court of violating his rights

Rapper LAJ

“Confuse dot com is how this matter is being handled now” Boss LAJ

By Alpha Kamara in Washington D.C.

Popular rap musician LAJ has accused the Sierra Leone police and the court system of violating his human rights since he was arrested and jailed for over 150 days now. In a Facebook post, the rap musician and government critic referred to his case’s current treatment ‘as confuse dot com’, in pidgin which means (in my own words) his charge has lost focus and direction.

LAJ accused the prosecutor and witness of playing a game to keep him in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

“Confusedotcom” that’s how my matter is being treated now.

“The prosecutor is asking for a long adjournment for him to be able to travel. The witness that accused me of assaulting him and robbing him his cash, is not showing up in court to testify anymore. Please I need justice for myself and for all those suffering unjustly because of me,” the Red Flag Movement musician posted.

“You should go out and look for the culprit that stole at the station that is if anything was ever stolen,” he added.

The musician also asks the court and the police to release the footage of the incident to the public.

“Please release the fuel station footage to the world for everyone to see what happened that day. Share the videos let everyone see and judge,” he wrote.

The jailed rap musician also asked some serious questions to the police and the court while reminding them and his fans that his rights have been violated for so long.

“How can I steal a spark phone when I am using an iPhone 13 pro max? How can I steal four million leones (Le 4 mil) from a pump attendant when I was having in my possession sixty million leones (Le 60 mil)? He asked.

I was not even driving. How can I request for fuel from the attendant when I was a mere passenger? LAJ added.  

The musician also reminded the court and the world that his human rights have been continuously violated since the day he was arrested.

“My rights have been violated, my dreadlocks shaved, I was beaten up by a gang of police officers, and charged to court and jailed for nothing, “he posted. I LAJ, doesn’t deserve to be in jail and therefore needs justice, he ended.

Alhaji Bah or LAJ was arrested on June 12 in Freetown on allegations of violently robbing a pump attendant. He has been in jail since then and some of his supporters have been jailed for riotous conduct.

LAJ has continued to deny the allegations against him. His matter has been adjourned to November 25.

Rapstar LAJ accuse the police and court of violating his rights
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