9 year old girl raped by uncle dies in Bo city-Sierra Leone

“Just like Kadija-Wuyata’s rapist uncle is yet to face justice” Source

By Alpha Kamara-USA

Wuyatta Konneh was 9. In late 2018, she was admitted at the Aberdeen women’s center after she was raped by her 28 year old uncle in the South. The rape was so intense that the girl’s spine was damaged which left her paralyzed. She spent the last two years on a wheel chair.

Her rape story just like others prompted several protests of girls and women activists in the country, demanding for justice. But no concrete results were achieved as the story took a political and personal interests dimension.

By July, parliament debated amendments to the Sexual Offenses Act to increase the sentences for those who rape children and other victims of sexual violence. The Sexual Offence Act 2019 passed in September sets a minimum 15-year sentence for rape convictions and up to life in prison for child rapists. The government also promised to enhance psychosocial support and protection for victims of sexual violence. They also set up a Sexual Offences Model Court in July 2020 to expedite prosecutions. But some still question their seriousness towards the issue.

Wyuyata’s story became a political and activists stunt course. Some activists even used it to solicit more funds from donor partners to stage more rape campaigns and sensitisations.

But even after her death, her rapist uncle has still not been charged, just like the late Kadija’s rapist. Kadija Saccoh was another five year old girl that was also raped and killed in Freetown. Despite the various media stunts and protests, unto date (January 2022), her family is still seeking for justice.  

9 year old girl raped by uncle dies in Bo city-Sierra Leone
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