Leone Stars Kakay rescues a local shop in Cameroon

By Hawa Dauda in Douala

The father of Sierra Leone international-soccer star Alpha Kakay has transformed and changed the lives of Cameroonian local restaurant owners in Aqua Doula in Cameroon. Kakay senior came to Cameroon to support his son who was called upon by Head coach John Keister to join the squad for the Africa cup of Nations tournament.

According to Alpha Kakay, father of Queens Park Rangers winger SLOsmanKakay, when he came to Cameroon Douala, he was looking around for food and local restaurants when he saw a group of locals sitting outside the deplorable shop where they sell pepper soup and plantains.

He said on entering the shop, he realized it was in a bad shape and not good enough to prepare and serve food. “I immediately asked for the owner and told him I wanted to fix the shop for them” Kakay said.

 Senior Kakay further added that after their brief discussion, he went to a building materials shop nearby to purchase what the shop needed, paint, hardboard, tables, and chairs to start the renovation. “The owner and I did the painting and fixing of the place together”. He said with a smiling expression on his face.

The restaurant owner Emile Marcel Mbella said it is difficult to see a person with such a good heart. “We have been doing business in this shop for a very long time.  Nobody has offered this kind of help to us” Mbella noted. He said he and his family are very much grateful for this stranger who has changed their shop completely.

Emile Marcel Mbella said him and his family’s only means of livelihood is through the shop, where e also get funds to pay for his kids’ school education and upkeep.

As a way to show gratitude to the Kakay family, Osman Kakay’s image, a QPR Jersey, and his Academy logo was drawn at the entrance of the shop. “We did this as a way to always remember the Kakays for transforming their lives and our local restaurant into a modern shop”, Mbella ended.

Meanwhile, Sierra Leone was eliminated at AFCON by Equatorial Guinea in their third match of the first round of the competition. Players and officials of the Leone Stars have all left Cameroon back to their various clubs. But Osman Kakay’s name will continue to fly in Douala through that local restaurant.

Leone Stars Kakay rescues a local shop in Cameroon
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