Ambassador Kao Denero visits the US Embassy in Washington DC

Denero in DC

“My desire is to promote the growth of the country’s entertainment industry” Kao Denero

By Rachel Horner-Diaspora Affairs Coordinator

Sierra Leone’s Ambassador of Entertainment and Investment Amara Dennis Turay also known as Kao Denero visited the Sierra Leone Embassy in Washington DC on Monday, December 6th. The diplomat and Hip Hop star held talks with the country’s ambassador to DC Sidikie Wai and other senior staff of the embassy including the Diaspora Affairs Co-coordinator Rachel Monjama Horner.

Ambassador Kao Denero discussed with the Embassy staff in DC issues around promoting entertainment and investment abroad to boost the country’s entertainment and tourism sector.

On his social media pages, Kao Denero posted “Just concluded a top executive meeting with Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the United States Sidikie Wai with my business partners” According to the Embassy’s Diaspora Coordinator Rachel Horner, Kao Denero said his desire is to ensure the growth of the country’s entertainment industry. Horner said, Denero told the embassy staff that he is in the US to use his skills to convince top US artists and investors to visit Sierra Leone and invest in the entertainment industry which is in dire need of support with lots of talents.

The Hip Hop star Denero who has spent the last 20 years producing African Hip Hop music has been making headlines for taking on other African rap music heavy weights. He has also been singing songs glorifying Africa’s forgotten heroes. Kao Denero was recently nominated among other top African Hip Hop stars by African Entertainment Awards USA under the best African Hip Hop rapper category. See link attached and vote for Kao Denero.

As you vote, don’t forget to listen to one of Kao Denero’s hit songs Hakuna Matata

Ambassador Kao Denero visits the US Embassy in Washington DC
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