Football Star Mo Buya Turay boosts Sick Pekin Project

Buya Turay

“I will donate 10 million leones every month till the end of the year” Buya Turay

By Alpha Kamara in New York

Football star Mohamed Buya Turay has promised to donate ten million leones (Le 10,000,000) each month till the end of the year to the Sick Pekin Project for Patrick Ibrahim Koroma, a child in dire need of help. Buya reveal this in a Facebook post on the organization’s handle.  

“I am going to donate ten million leones each month from next month till the end of the year. So sad to see this young kid suffering all the time when his pictures are posted online. May he be safe in your effort and perseverance to get his life back”, he posted. The organization responded by commending Buya Turay for his support to humanity. “Waw this is truly amazing. We are truly blessed to have a kind soul like you sir. Our project has too many children coming to us daily for help. We are overwhelmed so any support will make a huge difference for us. Thank you so dearly.” the organization responded. This is not the first time Buya Turay is giving to charity. The China based striker has been supporting various projects on health, education and other related ones in the country.

Patrick Ibrahim Koroma in hospital

Sick Pekin Project earlier posted that for the first time in 7 years Patrick Ibrahim Koroma was able to excrete using his anus like a normal human. He has been using a colostomy created to excrete before now, they said. Seven years old Patrick Ibrahim Koroma was born without an anus. He had an imperforated anus and medical professionals helped to create a colostomy to enable him have a way for excretal.

“As he needed to grow stronger, it took a while before the anus was created after it had healed earlier. A colostomy reversal surgery was scheduled so he can stool like a normal person”, the organization said. 

As always, we needed funds to cover the surgery.  An anonymous donor reached out and covered thecolostomy reversal surgery which was completed on Friday and Patrick is responding well. The Sick Pekin Project remains a result oriented project that is in a mission to help save the lives of children with complex conditions one at a time. 

Football Star Mo Buya Turay boosts Sick Pekin Project
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