Mohamed Buya Turay donates $ 6,000 to save sight of a promising youth

Buya Turay

“God is blessing me to help those in dire need” Mohamed Buya Turay 

A Sierra Leonean football star playing abroad has donated an amount of $ 6,000 to help save the sight of a promising youth. Mohamed Buya Turay who currently plays for Chinese Super League side Hebei China Fortune is also a regular for the country’s national team Leone Stars. He said the donation is part of his help to humanity and the needy. 

Doing my charities because of God, he created and blessed me to help those who are in these situations. These are the types of people I help most. It’s my duty, it’s my responsibility, its part of my humanitarian help to my country”, Turay told Mountain Waves Blog.

Mohamed Buya Turay’s response comes after a Go Fund Me account was launched to rescue the promising young man Mohamed Alie Kalokoh who is almost losing his sight. 

Kalokoh is a 26-years old who has been diagnosed with Retinal Detachment. He is presently admitted at the Rokupa Eye Clinic in Freetown. But the family and friends are trying to raise funds for him to be taken to Ghana for eye surgery. “He needed the surgery to be done timely to avert the situation of him becoming visually impaired permanently” said Racheal Horner, Sierra Leone’s Diaspora Affairs Coordinator in Washington DC. Meanwhile, all other humanitarians have been asked to donate to the Go Fund Me account through this link attached:

Mohamed Buya Turay donates $ 6,000 to save sight of a promising youth
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