Rachel Horner donates street lights to ginger hall in Freetown

Rachel Horner

“The Bible says “The more you give, the more you receive” Miss Horner.

The Ginger Hall community, in the east of Freetown has received street lights from Sierra Leone’s Diaspora Affairs Coordinator in the USA, Rachel Monjama Horner. 

According to Miss Horner, the beneficiaries of this first phase of her support to Ginger Hall are residents of Fattarahman Street, Bockarie Lane, Savage Square and Blyden Lane. ‘I want everyone in the community to enjoy the light, especially for those that can’t afford electricity. I also want the youths to stay together as one and in good company during the night’, she said. 

The donation has been welcomed by a cross section of the community. They said their streets have been consistently dark in the night for over 20 years, until these street lights were installed. ‘We appreciate you Rachel, one of our own for this kind humanitarian gesture in lighting up our community during the night’, Aunty Rokie, an elder in the community said, adding, ‘Well will continue to pray for you, as the hand that gives never lacks’. 

On a video conference call, Madam Horner stated that she was proud to give back to her community at all times: “I am ready to give back to my community, by working with you to identify the immediate community needs, to enable me provide the necessary resources within my reach, to get things done”, she said. She called on the youths within the community ‘to refrain from drugs and violence, unite and cooperate with each other, in order to maintain peace and stability. ‘We are one family and must be seen to be acting in that direction”, she said

Francis Sallu Kamara, a youth leader thanked Miss Horner for the initiative and used the opportunity to appeal to indigenes of Ginger Hall to contribute towards developing their local communities like Rachel has done. ‘We are proud of you Madam and will continue to pray for you. Keep it up’, he added. Rachel Horner, current Diaspora Coordinator of the SL Embassy in Washington was born and raised in Ginger Hall East of Freetown. She said giving back is good in the sight of the Lord as the Bible says “The more you give, the more you receive”. 

It would be recalled that Horner was the first Sierra Leonean based in the United States to personally donates 4,000 COVID-prevention masks and hand sanitizers to the Ginger Hall community in 2020, to complement Government’s efforts in the fight against the pandemic in Sierra Leone.

Rachel Horner donates street lights to ginger hall in Freetown
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