Kallon blasts SLFA as AYV Navo vies for SLFA Vice Presidency


“Why deny me the right to contest after investing over 30 years in football” Kallon

Sierra Leone Football legend Mohamed Kallon says he is being treated unfairly by the country’s football association. The former PSG, Inter Milan and Monaco International made the comment on a Facebook live after his nomination was put on hold on technicalities.

Kallon who owns local football club FC Kallon is trying to contest for the presidency of the Sierra Leone Football Association SLFA for the second time. In 2013, Kallon was also disqualified by the FA elections committee for various reasons. His nominated this time also hangs in the balance as his nominator failed to submit all the necessary documents to complete the process on time.

“My nominator Abdulraman Davis was in the hall early. They knew he was there to nominate me. He was asked to submit the minutes of his club’s last meeting. He brought them an hour later. Then the committee said he came late after the stipulated time of 5 pm local time”, he said. 

https://fb.watch/31Puwo6hZ8/ Kallon’s Video on the issue.

Kallon said this was done with the intention of stopping him (Kallon) from contesting the SLFA presidency race for the second time. “Why should you deny me the right to participate in the process after spending over 30 years of my life and dedicating my sweat and blood in promoting football? I will not accept this, he said”. Kallon said he has consulted his legal team to submit a petition to the FA elections board on the issue. 

Junior Navo, CEO AYV TV is vying for the SLFA Vice Presidency.

Meanwhile, another young entrepreneur, the CEO of AYV Television Anthony Navo Junior went through his nomination for the position of Vice President of the SLFA. Junior Navo has invested a lot in the media landscape in Sierra Leone by setting AYV TV and has been involved in some humanitarian efforts including working with the All Walks of Life (AWOL).

Kallon blasts SLFA as AYV Navo vies for SLFA Vice Presidency
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