Salone Music Industry boils as allegations of sexual harassment hits ‘God Father Jimmy B’

Jimmy and Morris

“Jimmy B tried to trick me to have sex with him after I won Miss Paddies in 2005” Zainab Sheriff.

By Alpha Kamara and Ibrahim Sorious Samura

Sierra Leonean singer Morris Kamara (Wonder Boy), has alleged on Facebook that music veteran, actor and businessman Jimmy B is a serial rapist. It all ensued from a reported incident of attempted rape on the night of Christmas at Jimmy’s Paradise Hotel/Guest House.

Despite the little or no details provided by Morris over his allegations, his social protests have gained some attention from activists and other female entertainers who have suffered acts over the years, allegedly from the same accused – Jimmy B, who is also called ‘The God Father of Sierra Leone Music’. “I am not the victims to press charges. I am just a man with balls to call out a famous serial rapist. The victims are ready to speak up against Jimmy. If Jimmy thinks we are lying let him sue us. A couple of big names in the entertainment industry are ready to testify. Jimmy didn’t you tried to rape my sister/friend at your guest house? Can you deny that you also tried to rape a lady in the Gambia?”, Morris asked in his Facebook post written in Krio, the local dialect. Morris also called on the Government to investigate this issue. 

Another Sierra Leonean female celebrity, Zainab Sheriff Founder of Big Sister Sierra Leone reality TV show lauded the efforts of Morris Kamara for exposing the act of Jimmy in support of women. People know this is the man’s behavior but no one is talking, she said.

Zainab Sheriff (De Mammy Na Power) said in 2005, Jimmy tried to trick her to (have sex) with him after she contested for Miss Paddies. Jimmy called me and said he wants me to participate in a movie shoot, with him. “I visited him with my friend at Premier Media office at Circular road. He gave me a script to rehearse. In the script was a love scene where me and him should act as a couple, kiss and make love in the couch. I refused the deal and he got angry and threw us out of the office”, she said.

Zainab said Jimmy also made another try on her in 2012 after the Big Brother show.  Jimmy invited me to talk about a TV show with SLBC TV. When I visited him, he was in his boxers. I had to tell him to put on his trousers because its unprofessional to put on boxers in a meeting, he added. “I have heard several stories from other women in the entertainment industry who have gone through same with Jimmy B. Some were allegedly threatened by Jimmy so they shut down. I spoke to other entertainers about this because some women’s dreams have been shattered through these kinds of practices”, Zainab stressed. 

Zainab Sheriff talking about her encounter with Jimmy B

Zainab Sheriff a leading female entertainer in Sierra Leone said she is a double rape survivor. “I have been raped twice by Sierra Leonean men during and after the war. Most Sierra Leonean women doesn’t have respect for women. That’s why I got married to a non-Sierra Leonean man (White Man)”, she said. 

Over the years, some female entertainers and other professionals have reported incidents of sexual harassments by their male counterparts or sponsors. Whether it’s sex for grades or to access opportunities, many ladies have been subjected to some forms of sexual harassment or rape. Some complied to stay on their course. Some of those who refused to comply have either had their careers stifled or had to abandon their dreams. Sexual harassment is prevalent between female entertainers and managers in music labels, awards nominations, movie auditions. DJs and promoters are sometimes perpetrators of this as well. In most cases, these victims do not normally report those incidents for fear of being intimidated or harassed.  

On the recent allegations on Jimmy B, it’s likely to be ‘the final straw that breaks the camel’s back’, as this Jimmy is being challenged by another local superstar, and has eventually gained public attention. 

Morris Kamara told Vertex Media that Jimmy B (The God Father) attempted to rape a young lady from Canada (name withheld) who was staying in his hotel (Paradise Hotel/Guest House) at Lumley Beach Road, Aberdeen. Morris said he is a friend to the lady who sought advice from him on where to stay when she visit’s Freetown for the holiday.  The lady chose Paradise Hotel, owned by Jimmy B, for an agreed fee of (Le 12,000,000).

According to Morris, on the lady’s first night in her apartment, she started getting strange and unusual attention from Jimmy B. “She was confused and wondering why a hotel owner would like to be checking frequently, most times unannounced. He would come to her apartment during odd hours under the guise of checking on her. Jimmy would sometimes ask the lady to open her door even after giving her an excuse of taking showers, Jimmy will always insist to go in”, he said. 

On the 25th December 2020 (night of Christmas), I was at the nightclub with my fiancé, when the lady suddenly joined us. We were partying together when she (my friend from Canada) started receiving phone calls from Jimmy B. She ignored all the calls and continued partying. She later left us and went back to her apartment, he said. 

Dengeh en Pose by Morris

Morris added that, the lady was stunned to have found Jimmy B inside her apartment. “Jimmy immediately rushed at her and limped onto her in an attempt to rape her. He tried to rip off her clothes. She fought back so hard that Jimmy B gave up on her,” Morris said. 

Morris said after the encounter, Jimmy started pleading with the lady not to reveal the encounter saying that his reputation will be on the line if she makes it public. Jimmy went back to his apartment and brought all the money (12 Million Leones) the lady paid after staying for 4 nights in the hotel. I received a distressed phone call from her, crying and complaining what Jimmy did to her.”, Morris said. 

On his part, Jimmy B, the God Father did not deny not confirm the accusation.  “My brother, let the will of God be done. I have worked for my reputation for several years, let the will of God be done. I wish you a happy New Year in advance. Thank you.”  Morris told Vertex Media that the lady will pursue the matter, despite the trauma she is facing. He also showed evidence to Vertex media on the issue.  I have respect for Jimmy B but I dislike sexual predators. “Whenever we meet, I always pay respect to Jimmy as the Godfather of Salone music. He is a respected figure in society and he has to act like one. Incidents like these should be exposed because many young girls have suffered same in the past and have been silenced”, he said.  

Jimmy B also called the God Father of Sierra Leone music is the first Sierra Leonean to set up a recording studio in the country after the country’s decade long civil war. He has produced several hit tracks in and outside the country. here is one of his songs title “Where do we go wrong”.

Where do we go wrong by Jimmy B

Salone Music Industry boils as allegations of sexual harassment hits ‘God Father Jimmy B’
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