Former Pres. Koroma’s interview with the ACC did not hold again

“The former president is concerned over his security” EBK’s Defense Team 

Former president Koroma’s interview with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) on Thursday November 19th in Freetown never hold as planned. According to one of his defense lawyers, former Justice Minister Joseph Kamara, the former president was concerned about his security which he believed was not properly addressed.

Patrick Sandy of the ACC said the former president has right to put his security concerns forward but, on their part, the ACC was ready to conduct the interview and they were expecting him.

It could be recalled that, former president Koroma was named in a government white paper accusing him of accumulating wealth illegally and should be investigated. On the 8th October, a similar attempt to interview him in his house in Makeni was aborted after his supporters and secret society members staged a protest. Few days after that, a phone conversation between him and the country’s police chief was leaked to the public that move was described by his lawyers as a security breach. 

Former Pres. Koroma’s interview with the ACC did not hold again
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