Daddy Saj blasts Lands Ministry for alleged land grabbing

Daddy Saj

A portion of the land has been sold by the owner” Lands ministry.

Sierra Leone musician, activist and health professional Joseph Gerald Cole also called Daddy Saj is accusing the lands ministry of trying to steal his family’s piece of land. The land is located at Charlotte outside Freetown.

Saj in a video released to the public said the Ministry through the influence of the Minister Dennis Sandy and two of his friends Lovetta and Victor approached them to give up the land, but they refused giving it away. He said the minister then went ahead and prepared documents to claim that the land belongs to the government.

“The Minister who is advocating for Lovetta offered us 100 bags cement plus 10 trucks iron rods for us to relinquish the land. We refused and told him it’s a family piece of land. The minister went ahead to falsify documents. Now he is claiming that the land belongs to the government after we told him we are not giving out the land which belongs to the family”, Saj said. 

The corruption E du so star said he will soon head to the studio to start singing about the excesses of the government because he said, he believed that a lot of people are faced with similar issues in the country.  “This is unacceptable because we did not vote in this government to abuse our rights and brutalized civilians. This is unacceptable and I will not back down to fight for what belongs to us”, he said. 

Meanwhile, the Ministry of lands has refuted the allegations made by Daddy Saj against the minister and the ministry. In a press release, the ministry said the land belongs to Grandma Edith George who sold a plot to Victor John this year who was given a building permit. The release also said Saj has no direct authority over the land or can as well go to court. 

Daddy Saj blasts Lands Ministry for alleged land grabbing
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