Justice and Human Rights Clinic opens at EBK University in Makeni

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By Mohamed Papa Bangura

The Dr Ernest Bai Koroma University of Science and Technology (EBKUST) has on Friday 23rd October 2020 signed an MOU with the NGO Advocacy for Human Rights and Justice Sierra Leone (ADHRJUST) for the Establishment of a Transitional Justice Clinic at the university campus in Makeni. Abass Mamoud Sesay, the Outreach Officer Advocacy for human Rights and Justice Sierra Leone (ADHRJUST) said they signed the MOU with EBK-UST and established the clinic because the issues of Justice and Human Rights are lagging.

 “We are establishing this clinic to help young people in and out of school to understand the importance of Human Right and Justice. Most young people especially those in the University do not understand the issues of Justice and human Rights and that is why most times they are involved in things that go against Human Rights”, he said.

 Sesay said most times they allow politicians to use them wrongly and those at university do not even know how to go about fighting for justice. That is why he said, they shall be working with the university and this will not only stop here at EBKUST but will ensure it reaches all other universities in Sierra Leone but decided to start it there. 

Dr Morris Bambay Kargbo is acting Deputy Vice Chancellor EBKUST, Makeni University College. He expressed hope for the success of the project.  “It is important for us to have this clinic because most times here in the University, we think we know it all especially when it comes to Human Rights and Justice. But most times, this is not the reality. There are so many human right violations among students and lecturers. We are hopeful that this project will help us in the direction in shaping most of the Justice issues on campus”, he said. 

Dr. Kargbo said he is excited about the establishment of the project and they will give them the full support. Asked about the alleged injustices like sex for grades and bribery, Dr Kargbo responded that they are committed in dealing with any case of such with all seriousness. “We have even suspended and dismiss some staff members who were involved in similar practices. As a university, we are not compromising with any issues of such. That is why we will work with ADHRJUST in ensuring we succeed and we are open to any serious partnership that will upgrade our university ” Dr. Kargbo concluded. The project is a one-year funded program by African Transitional Justice Legacy Fund (ATJLF). 

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Justice and Human Rights Clinic opens at EBK University in Makeni
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