Makeni Youths protest in solidarity with Former President EB Koroma


By: Mohamed Papa Bangura

Hundreds of youths gathered outside of the residence of Sierra Leone’s former president Ernest Bai Koroma by Teko Road in Makeni. The Former President was to be interrogated by agents of the Anti-Corruption commission in Makeni today Thursday 8th October regarding allegations contained in the government white papers. Among other things, President Koroma was to explain how he acquired funds and properties including houses he built during his tenure in office. The youths gathered around the entrance of the former President’s house singing songs of protest in solidarity with EBK. 

ACC Commissioner Francis Ben Kaifalla alleged on Facebook that their work was being prevented by the people.  “Our work to cleanse Sierra Leone of Corruption continues in Makeni today; but some of our compatriots have hijacked the highway to prevent us from interviewing former President Koroma. They have deployed roadblocks and violence. But our team is on standby to complete the task. We will fight Corruption!”, Ben Kaifalla wrote. 

Meanwhile, former President Koroma tweeted about his commitment to peace in the country. “I remain committed to the peace and security of our beloved country and will continue to do everything to support the fair process of the rule of law. I want this interview with the ACC to go on today by all possible peaceful means”, Former Koroma said.

As at press time, the ACC agents have still not arrived at the residence of the former president, but supporters and some traditional and secret society dancers were still dancing peacefully outside the compound. It’s unclear whether the questioning of the former president will be done today or not. 

Makeni Youths protest in solidarity with Former President EB Koroma
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