Bendugu: SLPP MP’s son detained for illegal possession of a gun


 By Richmond B.Tholley in Makeni

Manseh Jalloh, son of the ruling SLPP party MP for constituency 056 in Bendugu is being investigated for the unlawful possession of a gun. The matter is at the Magburaka police station in the Tonkolili district. 

According to Sainko Yirah Marrah, Musa Baimba Foray Jalloh, On August 15th, some local gold miners were mining in the Kimberlite Mining Site around Sumbuya as usual. They said, the son of the ruling party MP instructed them to stop. Sainko Yirah Marrah, said they were Manseh with his friend dressed in military uniform, threatened to shoot anyone who refused to leave the mining site or disobey his order. 

 “Hon. Jalloh’s son took out a gun and attempted to shoot me. We seized him and his gun, handed him to the Section Chief, who later invited the Police at Bendugu Police Station”, Marrah said. 

Crime Officer Bendugu Police StationSgt. Sam Lahai, confirmed the incident to Mountain Waves Press. “an unregistered gun was retrieved from Manseh Jalloh, identified as the son of Hon. Jalloh”, he said. The allegations according to the Police Sergeant are that the Young man attempted to use live bullets on one of the local miners.  “the gun was handed over us and it in in our possession. We have taken statements from the complainant, suspect. Because of the security implication of the incident, it was transferred to Magburaka Police Station for further investigation”, he said. He called on the residents to remain calm and allow the police to do their job.

Meanwhile, residents of Sambaia Bendugu are accusing the Police of not handling the matter with seriousness. They said the accused is still seen in the district because he is the son of the area MP. They also claimed that several times ruling party officials have been reported of wrong doing in the district, but they are not apprehended. 

A local civil society group in the chiefdom Put Sambaia First in a Press Release, has condemned the act and expressed fear over the security of the district. The organization cited another incident in Konkorobaia village where a resident beheaded over a disagreement. They called on the police to investigate the incident speedily. MP Hon. Jalloh has not yet responded to the allegation of his son’s possessing a gun. 

Bendugu: SLPP MP’s son detained for illegal possession of a gun
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