Daddy Saj Foundation Donates School Materials to Kroobay Community in Freetown

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Sierra Leone musician and philanthropist based in the United States, Joseph Cole aka Daddy Saj has donated assorted school learning materials to over one hundred school going children in the Kroobay community in Freetown.

In his statement, Chief Executive Officer of the Daddy Saj Foundation Joseph Cole (Daddy Saj)said children especially those in less privilege communities are always in his heart. He said he is doing the gesture not because he is rich than others but he thought it’s important to give back to the children of Sierra Leone. Daddy Saj further stated that this is not the first time he is doing such a gesture, but started his philanthropist work back in 2003. “I will not only stop his donation to the Kroobay community only, but will replicate such in different less privilege communities across Freetown and Sierra Leone in general”, he said. Daddy Saj noted that he is doing his donation not for political reasons but out of genuine interest to support children of school going age in the country affected by Covid-19. 

Daddy Saj donates to school kids in Freetown (Mountain Waves video)

On his musical career, Daddy Saj said he will continue to produce good music but will no longer do social commentaries to criticize politicians or other individuals. He said he will sing to promote social cohesion, peace and collective responsibility to promote the Green White and Blue (Sierra Leone flag). He called on all Sierra Leoneans to embrace each other and stop hate speech.

“My philanthropy will continue on different occasions. I am starting with school materials now because schools will reopen in September. But during the Christmas festive season and other national celebrations, I will BE donating different things to various vulnerable groups” he said. 

Daddy Saj made history eight years ago when he released his track called corruption which highlighted the social ills of Sierra Leone. The song was even used by the country’s anti-graft agency in community sensitizations against corruption. 

Enjoy Daddy Saj’s song called corruption.

Corruption Song-Daddy Saj.
Daddy Saj Foundation Donates School Materials to Kroobay Community in Freetown
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