Opposition head Mohamed Kamaremba arrested for alleged sexual offense against a minor

Kamaremba in focused

“It’s false, its untrue. I am being framed” Kamaremba 

Opposition politician Mohamed Kamaremba Mansaray said his house was surrounded by security personnel on Sunday night.

He told Freetown radio democracy that after 9 pm local time, dozens of security personnel stormed his house to get him arrested. He said the move is suspicious.

“If I’m needed by the police as an influential citizen, they needed to just make a phone call I will come. I don’t know why they chosed to storm my house like a criminal”, he said. 

Kamaremba said he is not aware of the motive of the security officers that harassed him the whole night. But by 1pm SL time, he will report to the police Criminal Investigations Department CID.

Police sources told Mountain Waves Blog that Kamaremba is being investigated for alleged sexual penetration of a minor in a hotel in the diamond district of Kono in the East in February this year. Kamaremba said the allegation is false and it’s just a set up to tarnish his image. 

I have never stayed at Diamond lodge hotel neither penetrated the teenager. My daughter is 13 years old and I will never commit such a crime. This is just a ploy to tarnish my image”, he said. 

 Kamaremba however added that, the 15-year-old in question lives close to his house in Kono and has been helping the family with funds for food, fees and other basic facilities upon request from her family.

An audio of Kamaremba talking to a relative of the alleged victim on the phone about the incident has also gone viral. 

Mohamed Kamaremba who heads the opposition Alliance Democratic Party (ADP) has been a key critic of the Bio led administration since he lost the presidential race in 2018. Investigations into the incident are ongoing. 

Opposition head Mohamed Kamaremba arrested for alleged sexual offense against a minor
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