South Sudan Journalists lack support to report Covid-19

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The country has already recorded over 2,100 cases of Covid-19

By- Yangi Justine in Juba

Journalists in South Sudan have raised concern that they are not well protected in reporting Covid-19 in the country. This was expressed at a media forum discussing ways of reporting the virus in Juba. 

South Sudan’s Correspondent for the Association for Catholic Information in Africa Peter Mapuor said media organizations have not put in place measures to protect journalists while reporting on Covid-19.

 Editor in Chief of the Catholic Radio Network Alfred Soka said the media governing body in the country is not doing enough to protect journalists while performing their duties during this critical moment.

Maura Ajak, of the Catholic Radio Network or CRN, said many reporters are vulnerable to the virus because their media outlets have not been doing enough to protect them.

 “It is not enough to only provide us with hand sanitizers. Media outlets are not doing enough to protect us especially when it comes to covering field events. Sometimes I ride with my colleagues from other media houses or I use commercial motorbikes locally known as boda-boda, which poses a great risk of contracting the virus”, she said. 

Station manager of Eye Radio in Juba Koang Pal Chang said his institution has put measures in place to protect their reporters during this pandemic.

 “All our reporters need to ensure that while going out to the field, they should carry their hand sanitizers, put on their gloves and masks”, Chang said. He encouraged other media houses to consider the safety of journalists as their first priority while reporting on the pandemic.

South Sudan has recorded over 2,100 cases of Covid-19 with over 1,100 recoveries and 41 deaths. With only one public health laboratory, lack of isolation centers and poor health facilities, the country needs to be more committed in combating the virus.

South Sudan Journalists lack support to report Covid-19
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