After spending almost a year in jail, govt critic and popular rapstar found guilty of robbery with violence.

“I have not decided your sentence yet, you could face up to 15 years imprisonment. It can be reduced or even increased. But it depends on what you say on your plea mitigation on Friday March 17th”,

Five Sierra Leonean women (maids) died in mysterious fire in Lebanon.

“The argument escalated to the point where a number of the women were thrown from the seventh-floor balcony to the sixth floor by alleged Lebanese men before setting the building ablaze. Another lady also jumped from the sixth floor to the ground to avoid the fire. But also died on the spot,”

Fake Housing Company in Freetown bursted as its CEO is a criminal with fake names, passports, and identities in many countries.

“The President of the Company had criminal past in Ghana and Nigeria and carries himself with several names such as Alexander Moses, a Ghanaian, Edward Alex Philips, a Sierra Leonean, Alex Olubode-Philips, a Sierra Leonean, Olufunmilade Adeyemi, a Nigerian, and Aladura Moses in Dubai.

Civil Society calls Minister Leema’s statement of crushing people reckless.

“Lawrence Leema’s statement is reckless in whatever context he meant. How do you threaten to crush people whose taxes are used to pay the forces, he asked? If we were living in a serious country, he should have been sacked or forced to resign”

The Tobacco and Nicotine Law, the savior of victims of secondhand smoking in Sierra Leone

“In 2017, out-of-pocket healthcare expenditures for tobacco-related diseases were estimated at SLL 45 billion in 2017, having a deleterious impact on poverty levels, inequities, and livelihoods”

EU Sierra Leone Mission commits over 7 mil Euros to the 2023 election, clarifies its position.

“The statement made by Hon. Emerson Lamina about comments made by the EU Ambassador during the August 10 protest does not correspond with the facts. His statement is unfortunate, and his tone did not reflect the good bilateral ties existing between the EU and Sierra Leone,”.

Sierra Leone: High Court rules opposition presidential contender has a corruption case to answer four months to election

Sierra Leone will be having a keenly contested election in June. As it stands, only President Bio is all clear to contest as the opposition leader now has to battle with a court matter which outcome is unpredictable.

Injunction: Opposition APC claims ruling SLPP is pushing it to avoid a fair election contest.

“We have heard a lot -unopposed, no runoff from the ruling party. This is what is manifesting because they know we have a better chance of winning the election. This action shows people are actively using political influence to stop a free and fair election and kill democracy, rob the people of their rights as provided by the constitution,” Hon. Kargbo.

Alharrkan School Headteacher absconds with millions of school cash and other valuables.

“He also took along the school tablets (equipment) supplied by Child Fund Sierra Leone, thereby creating a negative image for the school. The school is a mission school but we’re suspecting interference from officials from the Ministry of Education,”

Supreme Court of Sierra Leone OKs ‘Controversial’ Proportional Representation (PR) for 2023 Election

“Between 1996 to 2002, the PR system was used because the country was going through a civil war and military rule. But now, our country is peaceful and there is no need to have a PR system” Opposition.

Project 1808 Concludes its 6th National Science Leadership Festival in Kabala, Sierra Leone

“We started with few students. But now have over one thousand who have gone through Project 1808 and we’re the only organization that started the Free Education Program for a very long time before the government introduced it. As a result, we have transformed many lives and still ready to do more.” Njai.

Koinadugu district 15-year-old land dispute between two chiefdoms still unresolved.

“The documents were then forwarded to the Ministry of Local Government and the District Office in Koinadugu District. Government is continuity and therefore the ruling cannot be overturned by me this time round.” The Minister said.

The govt is losing the social media debate of using a visible chimp on Sierra Leone’s new passport

“The pain I feel when I remember I hold a passport from Sierra Leone is heavy. How do you put this sort of photo on our passport. We are already blacks, and they already call us Apes and monkeys and some clown in high office does this to us?” Naasu.

The Philip Neville I Know-A tribute to a fallen media icon

I will celebrate Mr. Philip Neville, a man who started his media from something small with only a newspaper and built it into an institution called Media One Center, adding a radio and TV station through which many young journalists, including my humble self, have passed and are all excelling. I will forever be grateful to him.

President Bio commits to free, fair elections in meeting with President Biden in Washington D.C.

 President Joseph Biden on December 14th, 2022 at the White House before the State Dinner met with President Julius Maada Bio of Sierra Leone, Felix Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), President Ali Bongo Ondimba of Gabon, President George Manneh Weah of Liberia, President Andry Nirina Rajoelina of Madagascar, and President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria, to discuss their countries’ upcoming elections in 2023 at this critical time for democracy globally. 

As family mourns the death of a pregnant woman in their custody, Sierra Leone police say she died outside their station

“Mabinty was arrested and pushed into the police vehicle even though she told them she was pregnant. They even accused her of being an accomplice to her husband and was treated as a suspect. The police only remove her from their detention after her condition became worse,”

US law firm sues the Sierra Leone govt for U.S. $ 8 million legal fees

Chicago-based Jenner said in its complaint on Tuesday that it “vigorously represented” Sierra Leone in legal matters against an iron ore contractor pursuing claims that exposed the country to potentially $1.8 billion in damages.

Sierra Leonean Broadcaster and Actor David Vandy receives the US Presidential Lifetime Award

“I involved myself in a lot of volunteer activities. Sometimes, I work with others to feed the homeless. Another times I work with peers to help African students learn about drama and theater during the summer” Vandy

27 civilians killed by Sierra Leone security forces on August 10th laid to rest

No amount of money is commensurate to Evangelist Samson’s life. So, for the government to give Le 20 million without handing over his corpse to the family despite several requests from their solicitor is totally unacceptable” victims lawyer.

Fake Indian syrup kill dozens of children in The Gambia

The loss of these young lives is beyond heart breaking for their families. WHO is conducting further investigations with authorities in India. While the medicines have been identified in The Gambia, WHO is calling on other countries to join hands and search for these medicines and remove them from the market to stop further harm to patients” WHO D.G.

?????? ?????’? ????? ???? ?????? ??? projects her SGBV Campaign to other ??????? ????? ?????? ?? ??? U.N.G.A. 

“As first Ladies, our first responsibility is to protect our women and children. Let us concentrate on containing and eradicating gender-based violence.

Police using 60s law to justify inhuman treatment against jailed rap musician LAJ

“LAJ is a musician, his hair or dreadlocks is part of his music brand and identity. Cutting it off is dehumanizing and unacceptable. What happens if he is found not guilty,”

Crossroad to death, prosperity, or profit- the illegal migration story in Sierra Leone

“I still want to travel no matter what, this is my ambition to fulfill. My mother and other relatives are looking up to me as the current breadwinner, it is not possible to achieve what I want in Sierra Leone, overseas is where the possibility lies, and I must go there”

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